I have lost count of the hundreds, possibly thousands of e-mails I have received but I know one thing - THE most common request is always - How much is it worth ? To be frank I am usually only able to help around 10% of the enquiries - what would I know about a rare Ohio Dairy milk bottle for example ? So to help ALL collectors I have set up a FREE ANTIQUE BOTTLE WEB FORUM. All you have to do is join our MSN Group by registering and ask our numerous surfers and readers for some help by placing your request one of the numerous message boards.

I am usually able to help with items from the UK but just as you are not expected to work without wages by your employer, nor will I spend my time, money and electricity and telephone connection charges in providing what amounts to FREE commercial information that has taken me 25 years to acquire. Low cost valuations for insurance, probate etc can be accommodated. So PLEASE - do not expect us to reply to such e-mails. We are already providing this much valued website free of charge.

If you want FREE information then please place your message for FREE on our FREE ANTIQUE BOTTLE FORUM. Just return to the home page and follow the instructions.. Please DO NOT send us e-mails seeking FREE information on value as we have to delete them !!