OK - so off we go digging.Photo 1. First find a site and get permission. This is a small town dump in a farmer's field. You will need at least a spade and a fork and old clothes. Strong gloves are very important ! Take off the turf and crunch into the ash - bottles start appearing
Down we go in photo 2. Dig down in the ash until you reach the bottom, usually a layer of clay tells you where the bottom is. This is a shallow dump only seven feet deep.
Now time to use the fork in photo 3. The fork is used to collapse the four side walls of the hole right back up to the top. This is usually when you find most of your bottles - the majority of diggers refer to this as "caving in".
The last photo shows the fruits of the labour. This was quite a disappointing dig really. The best finds are a transfered flagon, some poison bottles, several Virols and a dolls head - Oh yes, and a glamour pot from Blackpool which went straight into my personal collection

The best way to find about sites where you can dig is to join a bottle club or go to a club meeting. It is also possible to find your own digging sites. Please ! No e-mails asking where you can go digging !! Thanks

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