The following ginger beers are all for sale at the prices stated in both £ sterling and US $. Made from fired clay, they are heavy items and the price DOES NOT include postage. If any of the ginger beers or stouts interest you, contact us via the hot e-mail link at the foot of the page. We can then reserve the bottle for you for two weeks, have it parcelled and weighed to determine the postal charge. We can then get back to you with just one bill - the bottle and the postal/packing charges.

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1. A Edge Ye Olde Brewed Ginger Beer Longsight 1919Just a beautiful ginger beer. Two tone, champagne shape and a fabulous and detailed BLUE print. Note also the date - 1919 - its a TRUE date. I interviewed the grandson of this business. Just one slight bruise on the edge of the lip, otherwise fine. A rare local pictorial GB £25 or $40 edgo.jpg (46168 bytes)

2. A Edge Ye Olde Brewed Ginger Beer Longsight Just about identical to the bottle above except it has no date and has no damage - same price though - just GB£25 or $40

3.  Emmerson Jnr Newcastle on Tyne. Superb two tone stout showing a cyclist riding an old fashioned bike (actually a penny-farthing !!) Slight bruise inside the lip but a classic UK stout bottle !! $75

4.T W Lawson XX Stone Ginger Beer Manchester . Honey glazed shouldered bottle with detailed transfer. Semi pictorial as it has a moon, star and water. £10 or $20lawson3.jpg (41915 bytes)

5. S.Fulford Manchester -Standard shape, honey glaze, good size lion pictorial. A rare local ginger beer £20 or $35 (not illustrated)

6. The Crewe Mineral Water Company. The Ludford Ginger Beer. Stabdard bottle in all over honey glaze with a simply fabulous pictorial of an old steam locomotive. A Classic !! £25 or $45

7. K its  a crown cap top but WHAT a pictorial - detailed countryside scene inside a horseshoe. Sharp print great condition £15 or $30

corny3.jpg (35059 bytes)8.wo tone standard shape ginger beer with good size anchor pictorial. Has natural glaze cracking and  two diny dings on the lip and on the edge o the shoulder.  A local rarity £12 or $20

9. W.F.Cornforth Edge Lane Droyslden - Always Ready Best Stone Ginger Beer. . Its hard to tell but the pictorial here is  a bird sitting on a nest. Off white standard shape body which has runs of white in the glaze. Another local rarity.  and an early 1890's ginger beer - very small chip on edge of base - £10 or £18

10.C.C Dornat Ginger Beer Barnstaple Deep honey glazed shouldered bottle with small oak tree pictorial. Cellar found, part of a hoard so in mint condition £10 or $20 (not illus)

11. Leigh & Co Globe Works Salford. Another all white / off white standard bottleleigrove.jpg (34299 bytes) which has a pictorial of a globe set on a six pointed star. £8.50 or $15

12. Groves & Whitnall Globe Works Salford. Another all white / off white standard bottle which has a pictorial of a globe set on a six pointed star. (RARER than Leigh & Co £10.00 or $20.


Please remember postage is EXTRA and is at least $10 per bottle (for air mail to the US and Canada only). Nothing here for you ? Let us know your wants ! Something you like ? Best to e-mail us straight away. MORE ginger beers and stouts coming to this page very soon. BOLD text shows all transfered/stencilled writing

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