Banana or Boat Shape Feeders

2hygienic.jpg (87816 bytes)1.The A1 Hygienic Feeder.  Clearglass,tablespoons & ounces gradations, standard size. Very small  rough spot in end so  only $30

2.The Hygienic Feeder  - clearglass banana or boat feeder . Very good condition$35

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Turtle or Banjo shaped feeders .crownbot.jpg (30052 bytes)

1. THE CROWN FEEDING BOTTLE with large crown embossed plus HMB initials. VERY early 1870-1880 turtle with earlier no screw neck. Also in aqua Superb nurser / feeder . $45 

hughes.jpg (30305 bytes)2. HUGHES CHEMIST ALTRINCHAM. Another rare and early AQUA turtle, this one a local rarity. These non screw necks took a porcelain / pot stopper lines with cork, attached to a long rubber tube. Fantastic condition $45

3. SAVARS FEEDING BOTTLE. Possibly the earliest of the 3 here and embossed on both sides too. One side is weakly embossed but the curious Savars trademark stands out on the back. Never seen this one before. $45savar.jpg (27211 bytes)

Unusual shape or patent feeders

allenfeed.jpg (29730 bytes)1. The ALLENBURY FEEDER. This is a peculiar SEMI- BANANA shape and can be accurately dated to 1890 This is a very early special design feeder / nurser. Gradations are marked on the base. $50 



1. Cow & Gate Milk Food - mainly blue and white tin with small picture of a laughing baby wearing a crown.Good condition, a little surface scuffing and some white paint on the original C&G lid. $25

2. Dorsella Milk Food . Larger blue and cream tin featuring smiling baby and original lid . In really good condition and this is quite a rare milk tin. $35

All embossing on the bottles is shown as bold text. All prices do include air mail postage direct to your address ! Bottles are sold on a first come/first served basis but we also offer a finding service. If you see a bottle you want, e-mail us to check it is still available. We will reply and let you know ! Keep checking this page. We know nursers are popular and we intend to keep replacing the stock Prices are in US $ Want anything ? Just e-mail us, order it and give us your terrestrial address - thats it !

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