The following embossed beers are all in excellent condition and the price does include postage. As they are made out of very thick glass, a major component of the price ($10-$20) is actually the cost of mailing these out by airmail. 

  1. 1. Dark green internal screw neck for Empress Brewery Co Ltd Manchester. Fabulous pictorial of Queen Victoria on this superb and oh so rare beer from a long vanished brewery. Only $45
  3. 2. Dark green internal screw neck on a WHITTAKERS ARDWICK beer featuring a different portrait of Queen Victoria. Almost as  rare as rocking horse droppings !! $45

3.Dark green blob top neck S FULFORD MANCHESTER - attractive and well embossed trade mark shows a maned lion walking about $30

4. Dark Green shoulder type beer with cork neck for AUSTIN CRAVEN LTD MANCHESTER. Fabulous picture of old style LIFEBOATMAN wearin his big cork life-vest. Sliht ding inside lip and on the base but waht a superb item and only $35 !!5.Dark Green cork neck F ROBINSON UNICORN BREWERY STOCKPORT - trade mark features a Unicorn rising up on its hind legs. Unusual small size  $30 

6. Fabulousl WESTMACOTT MANCHESTER features a superb pictorial of a three master sail warship or frigate. Surely one of the best beers about ?? Only $35


We have many , many more good beers in stock so do come and back and check out this page regularly if this is your interest. We are happy to act on your wants and wish lists and have already helped people to find particular pictorials.,particular breweries and even beer bottles with their particular surname on. E-mail your order from the hot e-mail link below or navigate back to the main Bottle Shop page by pressing the back button.

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