This ring has been set up and organised by Mike Sheridan.

If your site relates ti the hobby of antique bottle collecting, and you wish to become part of the ring, then please see below for details of how to join.

To join the Worldwide Antique Bottle Webring, you must first add your site to the queue.
The queue serves as a temporary holding area for sites, while the necessary HTML is added.
By ensuring that only sites that have had the necessary HTML added are in the ring in this way, the ring will always be fully functional.We also need to vet sites for quality

How to add your site to the Worldwide Antique Bottlel Webring.

  1. Save this logo. You will need to upload this to your webspace server, in the same directory as the page you wish to have the webring displayed on:

    Note: This logo MUST reside on your own webspace server.
  2. Visit this URL, and fill in the form to be added to the queue:
  3. You will now automatically be sent an e-mail acknowledging your request to join the ring.
    This will include some HTML code.
    Add this HTML code to the index/menu/main page of your website.
    (This code is also reproduced below.)
  4. Send me an e-mail (mike@bygones.demon.co.uk) to let me know that you have done this.
  5. I will then check your site to ensure that everything needed is present and correct.
    If it is, then I will move your site from the queue to the ring.
    (Note: I am the only person who can do this.)
    You will automatically be sent a further e-mail, once this has taken place.

The code produces this:

This site is part of the Worldwide Antique Bottle Webring.

Worldwide Antique Bottle Webring
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Useful URLs.

If you need more information, or you encounter a problem while joining, then please don't hesitate to e-mail me.
I am always happy to do my best to answer any questions or help wherever I can.

Thank you for your interest in the Worldwide Antique Bottle Webring.