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1.24cm tall dark green blackglass embossed case gin - P LOOPLUYT DISTILLERS SCHIEDAM. Late 19th century dutch gin bottle $25

2.29.5cm tall blackglass wine with seal attached. Seal reads ROUSDON JUBILEE 1887 and was presumably made to celebrate the golden jubilee of Queen Victoria. A rare item, a little slice of history ! $100

3.26cm tall cylinder blackglass wine. Very old circa 1780 - 1790, has the typical English pontil mark on the base. This bottle is in excellent mint condition, being part of a hoard of 50 found in the cellar of a Scottish mansion. We have six, all at just $65 each - a real bargain for a 200 year old item !! !


Please note. The following four Chemist Rounds were found in an old Chemists shop and were once part of a display. They date to the late 1880's and are completely original down to the original stoppers ! You do not find these every day !

4.20cm tall clearglass chemist round with original clearglass stopper. Has a gold leaf label which reads TR:QUIN:AM. Late 19th century item, original label is in very good condition $50. Has a narrow neck opening.SOLD

5.Exactly as above but this chemist round has a label for SP:VINIA. $50 SOLD

6.20cm tall clearglass chemist round with original clearglass stopper. Has a wide mouth opening. Original gold leaf label reads : P:ZINGIB:O $50 SOLD

7.Exactly as above but this one has a label reading FER:CAT and there is some remains of the chemical still on the inside of the jar $50. Wide mouth opening SOLD


8.Ice blue "Big Top" shearlip ink. Very slight bruise on the inside of the shearlip. G.C.W on the base $30 SOLD

9.Light turquoise blue "Big Top" ink Has a lovely rippled or hammered finish to the glass on the surface. Has a small burst air bubble on base and a slight sliver of glass missing on the lip - but this item displays well. $35 SOLD

10.Cobalt "House" or "Ship" ink with a two penrests. Small chip on the outside of the lip. $35

11.As above but this ones comes in a medium blue $30

12.As above again except this example is in light blue $25

13.13.5cm tall cobalt master glass ink. Ink has 18 facetted sides and a pouring lip. Neat little item and the smallest of the various master sizes $45. Excellent condition.


14.13cm tall cobal rectangular shaped bottle, embossed "LAURIE'S LILYBALM" May well be a perfume. Is a typical early 1880's bottle with front panel inset. $40

15.16cm tall cobalt hair restorer - THE AFRICAN HAR RESTORER. Another early 1880's bottle with the typical inset front panel. Has a few slight scratches on the rear but this is a very scarce hair restorer. $85 SOLD

16.17cm tall deep brown hair restorer DR. WILSON'S HAIR RESTORER in good condition $30


17. 17.5cm tall cobalt groundlip flask poison bottle. Has 10oz on base, POISONOUS NOT TO BE TAKEN on the front and Rd No 500540 on the back. Good condition $50 SOLD

18.WARNER'S SAFE CURE LONDON - A one pint bottle in medium amber and only $50

19.KEY'S MANU-MOLLIENT FOR THE SKIN. Unusual bottle in nice shade of emerald green $25

20.13cm tall LIQUFRUTA COUGH CURE. This bottle is in a strange shade of light yellow to green. All of the embossing comes on the side panel $20

21.13cm tall VENO'S LIGHTNING COUGH CURE This is an ABM bottle with peculiar coloration. One half of the bottle is in a deeper shade of light amber than the other side ! $20

22.10.5cm tall clearglass pontilled medicine HENRY'S CALCINED MAGNESIA MANCHESTER.. An unusual item, pontilled medicines are rare in England.$30 SOLD


23.CORNBROOK BREWERY HULME MANCHESTER. Nice honey glaze ginger beer with attractve countryside scene viewed through a horseshoe. Excellent condition $50

24.PURE RCH THICK CREAM from the DALBEATTIE CREAMERY. Rich orange brown top, with a milkmaid and cow pictorial. Not of one Scotland's common pots. Very nice $65

25.PURE RICH THICK CREAM from the CREAMERIES Ltd. HUNTLY ABDEENSHIRE. Nice orange brown top, milkmaid and cow pictorial again $40

26.All white pot with blue print - PURE RICH CREAM from the STRATHBOGIE DAIRY HUNTLY Attractive cream $40 SOLD


Please note. These were hung from trees on wire which was tied around the neck of the jar, hence many have very slight damage due to the wire !

27.Dark green example with crosshatch pattern , slight damage to shearlip $35

28.As above but nice shade of light green $35

29.As top but in great shade of honey amber $35

30.As top but comes in white - made from milkglass $35

You could even use these lights again. Put in a small night-light and tie on some wire and you can roll back the years when you light it !!

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