1. Largest size known of EGYPTIAN SALVE OINTMENT This is the 4s 6d size. No damage but some small pressure glaze cracks. Price= 135 / $215

2 - Medium size of THE EGYPTIAN SALVE . This is the 2s 9d size. Sharp print, one very small chip on the side of the pot. Price = 95 / $160

3 - Small size of THE EGYPTIAN SALVE. This is the 1 shilling and a penny-halfpenny size - Reade Bros Chemists Victoria Street Wolverhampton. Price - 30 / 45

4. Medium size the CLARKES MIRACULOUS SALVE pot - 2s 9d size. Overall excellent condition - just some pressure glaze cracks. Price =45 / $75

5. Small size the CLARKES MIRACULOUS SALVE - This is the shilling oand one penny halfpenny tub - balck print Price = 15 / $25

6. Almost exactly as above except this one has a very rare gold / sepia print rather that than the standard black. Price = 15 / $25

7. Smallest size of the CLARKES MIRACULOUS SALVE again but this one has BEST APPLICATION FOR ULCERATED BAD LEGS ETC rather that FOR THE CURE OF - presumably is post 1905 - Price = 15 / $25

8. Small size pot for POOR MAN'S FRIEND PREPARED ONLY BY BEACH & BARNICOTT SUCCESSORS TO TE LATE DR ROBERTS BRIDPORT Price 1s11/2d. Blue print, writing on two sides of the pot Price =15 / $25

9. Small size pot for POOR MAN's FRIEND but thi sis the MUCH RARER BLACK print jar .Writing on two sides of pot. Small amount of infill on the base of teh pot. NOT a common ointment Price = 25 / $40

10. Small size pot for HOLLOWAYS OINTMENT - FOR THE CURE OF GOUT & RHEUMATISM, INVETERATE ULCERS, SORE BREASTS SORE HEADS BAD LEGS &C 533 OXFORD STREET LONDON. Comical ointment featuring a picture of a lady seated on throne with a small child . Base is rough . probably as a result of manufacture Price = 25 / $40

11. Small size pot for NATURES HERBAL OINTMENT FREDK HALE 61 Chandos Street Covent Garden London. White pot is covered in black writing $20 / $30

12. Much rarer and larger 2s 9d pot for NATURES HERBAL OINTMENT FREDK HALE 61 Chandos Street Covent Garden London . writing wraps around most of body 30 / $50

13. Small size pot for BOOTS COMPOUND EXTRACT OF SARSAPARILLA - A VALUABLE SPRING SUMMER AND AUTUMN MEDICINE. Usual black print on a white pot. Price = 20 / $35

14. As above except this is the much rarer large size pot for BOOTS COMPOUND EXTRACT OF SARSAPARILLA - Price = 25 / $40

15. RARE GREEN PRINT pot - IZAL OINTMENT FOR BURNS SCALDS CHILBLAINS CHAPPED HANDS and WOUNDS It is invaluable for Ulcere Sore legs Eye and Skin eruptions Newton Chatabets & Co Sheffield Price 1s11/2d. Note it does have two ssmall hairline cracks in the pot so on sale for only 25 / $40

16. The very rare MRS CROFTs OINTMENT West Huntley near Chestefield Price 71/2 pence. Note the mispelling of Chesterfield and the unusual price. Pot carries some grey staining and has two small chips on the base but soooooo rare!! Price = 25 / $40


Note that many of these have over-the-glaze transfers.

18. GLYCUMA CREAM PINCH & CO 5 CHEAP STREET BATH. Large pot covered on writing. Crack in the pot to one side Price=15 / $25

19 ZILKA TOILET CREAM R SPEEDIE PHARMACIST CRIEFF. Absolutely fabulous orange red print pictorial pot, again from Scotland and very rare ! Price= 40 / $65

20. BEAUTY CREAM 90 NORTHUMBERLAND ST NEWCASTLE ON TYNE . Slightly faded print Price = 25 / $40

21. BUXTONS BENZOIN BALM - The Cream of Toilet Creams T Buxton & Co Chemists Clifton Bristol. Very rare large size pot in gorgeous red print . Has a hairline crack to one side. Price = 20 / $35

21 VELVETINE CREAM JOHN SIMON CHEMIST 4 EASTGATE ROW CHESTER. Large pot strong black print Price= 15/$25

22. BENZOIN CREAM Unrivalled for softening, whitening and preserving the skin - purple print Price = 25 / $40

23. BOUTALLS BENZOIN TOILET CREAM BOUTALLS LTD 150 SOUTHAMPTON ROW LONDON WC. Large Lady pictorial in centre. Remnants of two gold bands. Price = 25 / $40

24 LILY COMPLEXION CREAM A S GALLOWAY M P S CASH CHEMIST 100 CHURCH STREET BLACKPOOL ALSO AT CREWE. Lady pictorial. Small chip and hairline crack to one side. Price = 25 / $40

25. Small size pot for LA REINE DES CREMES - This is a French pot featuring lots of writing and a portrait of a man. Small chip on the lip so only 12 / $20

26. Almost as above except this is the giant size pot for LA REINE DES CREMES - 9cm tall and a sharp black print. Very small nip on the lip . 20 / $35 Note LA REINE DES CREMES translates as THE QUEEN OF CREAMS.

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