1. Light blue overall diamond pattern, some nibbles and chips around the raised top $35

2. Light blue , straight panelled sides, a few nibbles round the raised top and a few small bruises in the glass $35

3. Light blue with bulbous base, the usual nibbles and chips around the base, two large burst air bubbles but they are inside the lamp, a small ding on one side $35

4. Light blue, "orange-segments" design all around , a few minor nibbles on the top but no other damage $35

5 Mid brown/amber. Attractive and rare leaf and dots pattern, only a few minor nibbles round the top $25

6 Very rare smaller size in dark brown, very little damage at all to the top $35

7 Rich mid brown/amber, a few minor nibbles around the top $35


8. THE LITTLE SUNBEAM, aqua lamp, shearlip $20

9. DUPLEX shearlip aqua lamp. Has a crack in the neck but is very rare $20

10. SUNBRIGHT - shearlip aqua lamp $20

11. Light blue shearlip lamp has JF initials on side $25

12. Very attractive mid-blue STAR LAMP also hasE(STAR SYMBOL) H on opposite side. Does have 3 external chips on lip - rare $25

13. Light blue lamp, has E(STAR SYMBOL) H on side - different type of star symbol to above $25

ALL prices include postage by AIRMAIL. Any embossing is denoted by CAPITALS text You can reserve any item with an e-mail - use the hot link below and we can tell you about payment. INTERESTED in lamps complete with original fittings ? Please register your interest and we can look out for them for you .

E-mail for orders Bygonz@yahoo.com

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