Antique Bottle and Glass Collector Published monthly by Antique bottle and Glass Collector, Pennsylvania, USA. Longest established bottle magazine from the USA now with colour ! Really good digging stories and extensive classifieds

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Australian Bottle & Collectables Review
A quarterly magazine published by Russel and June Dunn.
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Bottles and Extras
Published monthly by the Federation of Historical Bottle Collectors Inc . This magazine was founded by Scott Grandstaff who donated the whole magazine to The Federation. This organization stages the four yearly US Expo plus annual shows through a network of affiliated bottle clubs.Its a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the hobby give it your support ! (Click on LINKS to the left to visit their website)

Collectors Mart - a DECEASED PUBLICATION !!

Milk Bottle News
For Milk Bottle Collectors everywhere (Click on LINKS to the left to visit their website)

Antique Bottle Collector - formerly The People's Mag
The ONLY UK bottle magazine to launch as a FULL COLOR, GLOSSY, QUALITY publication (another UK bottle mag started life as a bunch of photocopied sheets  ) Its Bi-monthly too so is first with the news.


Please DONT ask for any further details about bottle magazines - the above is all we are presently able to share with you.