Pack 1 - contains TANGERINE, PERRY CHAMPAGNE, ICE CREAM STRAWBERRY, SPARKLING LIME, KOLA CHAMPAGNE, STONE GINGER BEER, IRON BREW, CHERRY CIDER, LEMON CRUSH, WINTER STOUT ,DANDY SHANDY -(All labels from Duckworths, Manchester) Price just $5 or £3.50 sterling (includes all postage charges)

Pack 2 - contains BLACKCURRANT CORDIAL, DANDELION ; BURDOCK STOUT, RASPBERRY CRUSH, CHAMPAGNE CIDERETTE, CREAMA SODA AMERICANA (Spanish for American Cream Soda!), NON ALCOHOLIC DANDY SHANDY, GINGER ALE, HOP ALE, SARSAPARILLA ,; LEMON CORDIAL (All labels from Duckworths,Manchester) Price just $5 or £3.50 sterling (includes all postage charges

Pack 3 - contains ICE CREAM RASPBERRY, HOP BITTERS, PINEAPPLE CIDER, BANANA CRUSH, FRUIT VINO, CLARET LEMONADE, LEMON SQUASH, PICK-ME-UP, AERATED CHOCOLATE ; APPLE CIDERETTE (All labels from Duckworths Manchester) Price just $5 or £3.50 sterling (includes all postal charges)

BARGAIN ENGLISH SELECTION - 25 labels. NONE of these are Duckworth labels - some are from named mineral water companies such as Muters of Bedlington, Hagues of Rotherham (YES William Hagues family business! Firths of Darlington plus more. Other labels are anonymous ie they just have the name of the drink. You will get 25 for just $10 - and will include MOST but not necessarily all you see here