The following bottles were once used as containers for a range of mineral waters or soft drinks. They are all now highly collectable, and part of the fascinating history of "pop" or soda. Today you have a choice of a can with ring pull or a plastic bottle of varying capacity which has a plastic external screw-cap. Take a walk back in time and look at some of the fascinating bottles you could have been drinking out of 100 years ago. You can buy them too !!

Please note prices, both in sterling and US $ DO NOT include postage. These bottles are made of thick glass . If anything interests you please use the hot e-mail link at the foot of the page to reserve any item here for two weeks. We can then package your order, determine the postal charges and then get back to you with just one bill


Coloured glass codds have always been extremely popular with collectors in the UK. To turn the glass into any colour other than aqua required the addition of extra chemicals. This made such bottles more expensive than the commoner aqua varieties, hence they were not used by many companies.Coloured codds are known in every shade of green and brown/amber glass. Most highly prized are the blue codds, ranging in colour from light or petrol blue to deep cobalt. Beware purple codds ! They were never manufactured by the glassworks and have been "cooked" to produce the false colour. There are also "colourless" codds - clearglass codds that is! Here are a few coloured codds that we have for sale at present

1. 10 oz sparkling mid emerald green The Scarboro & Whitby Breweries with the famous two dolphin pictorial. Super sparkling condition and the embossing is strong. Has small burst air bubble ding on the rear and small white air spot on the front but look at that strong COLOUR !!! 95 or 150 (postage extra)

2.10oz deep amber,slight hint of olive green Groves & Whitnall Ltd Salford. This is the variant with the embossing down the side of the bottle 18 /$30

3. 10oz light amber Groves and Whitnall Ltd Salford. Attractive large globe pictorial. Great condition on this bottle 20 / $35

4. 10oz medium amber Groves & Whitnall Ltd Salford. Embossing details as above 20 / $35

5. 10oz golden amber Groves & Whitnall Ltd Salford. Embosssing details as no 3. 25 / $40

6. 10oz Honey amber Groves & Whitnall Salford, Globe trademark in the centre. Fabulous shade of amber 25 / $40

7. Small size amber codd for Groves & Whitnall Salford, embossing is around and over the globe trademark. 25/ $40

8. 10oz amber Leigh & Co, Salford. Globe trademark on reverse.Mid amber shade.15 / $25

9. 6oz Amber Leigh & Co Salford. Globe trademark on reverse. Mid amber as above 15 / $25


WE now have a full collection of coloured minerals that took some 15 years to amass. ALL bottles are from the company of GROVES & WHITNALL SALFORD who had a subsidiary mineral water company called LEIGH & CO intil 1899 . In that year, Leigh & Co ceased to exist as it was absorbed into the main company and from that date the company's bottles were all embossed - Groves & Whitnall Ltd. (a very useful dating aid) some of the bottles here are complete one offs, rarer than a cobalt codd !!

1. Rare shape non-shouldered beer/mineral for Leigh & Co Salford, large globe trademark and all embossing in a circle. 10 / $20

2. Very scarce early hand tooled crown cap beer/mineral for Leigh & Co Salford. It is NOT ABM and MUST pre-date 1899 !! 10 / $20

3.Small light amber Lamont or bullet stopper mineral with original wooden internal stopper present. Large globe and embossed Leigh & Co Salford down sides 20 / $35

4. Large honey amber Lamont or bullet stopper, details as above 20 / $35

5. Large amber cylinder with a blob top. Large globe trade mark and embossed Leigh & Co Salford down sides. 10 / $20

6. Small golden amber Groves & Whitnall Salford early hand tooled crown cap. Details as above. 15 / $25

7. Large amber blob top with internal screw for Groves & Whitnall,Salford. embossing down side of bottle 10 / $20



The codd bottle is the most famous of all the UK's old bottles. They were also popular with thieves, even 100 years ago, who sold them on to unscrupulous bottlers who used a paper label to hide the name of the company who had actually paid for the bottle. In an attempt to prevent such theft, glassworks introduced several anti-theft bottles. One type had a coloured marble in the neck which made it very distinct from the standard bottles which had just an aqua marble. Few companies used such bottles making them all the more interesting for the collector. Here are some for sale !!

1. The Lion Mineral Water Company Manchester 10oz light green marble codd bottle with large lion pictorial 20or $35 (found to have a tine crack in th neck so reducd to 10 or $25)

2. A.Edge, Longsight 10oz amber marble codd bottle 20 or $35

3. P. Dowd Manchester 10oz green marble codd 20 or $35

4.Spelman Manchester. Delightful10oz amber marble codd bottle with detailed pictorial scene of a horse and jockey 25 or $40


In 1872 Hiram Codd patented the first ever globe stoppered or marble-in-the neck mineral bottle. He took out a patent to protect his invention, preventing anyone making such bottles without a license. Other manufacturers followed suit creating their own different marble bottles and taking out a patent for them. One such was the CONNORS PATENT. This was for a pear shaped rather than the usual round marble in the neck - the idea being that small boys would NOT break such bottles in the search for cheap marbles. Very few companies used the Connor's Patent, making them a rare bottle. Here are some for sale

1. 10oz aqua round bulb neck Connors Patent - Spencer Connor Manchester - marked Connors patent Stoppers on the rear. A very rare variation 85 or $140

2. 10oz aqua standard shape Connors Patent - Spencer Connor Manchester Marked Connors Patent Stoppers on rearDoes have a few small heat stress cracks in the neck so only 20 or $35

3. 10 oz aqua Codds Patent 4 Rylands & Codd (dates to 1877-1881) embossed Collins & Latham Barton 15 or $25

4.10oz narrow neck codd embossed JAMES LINGARD & CO on front and CODDS PATENT 6 LONDON on rear. Slight surface scuffing 15 or $25

5.10 narrow neck codd embossed S LINGARD & CO SALFORD on front and CODDS PATENT 4 LONDON SE B.RYLANDS BOTTLE WORKS NEAR BARNSLEY on rear. External glass condition is good but cloudy patches inside. Dates to BEFORE 1877 15 or $25

6. 10oz aqua narrow neck codd embossed - A CRAVEN HULME MANCHESTER plus on rear - CODDS PATENT LONDON 15 or $25

7. 10oz narrow neck codd embossed A CRAVEN HULME MANCHESTER plus on rear - CODDS PATENT 4 RYLANDS & CODD MAKERS STAIRFOOT BARNSLEY 15 0r $25

8.6oz narrow neck codd embossed JAMES LINGRAD S LINGARD SALFORD and CODDS PATENT 4 MAKERS RYLANDS & CODD BARNSLEY (dates to 1877-1881) 15 or $25


10.6oz narrow neck codd embossed BRATBY & HINCHCLIFFE MANCHESTER on front and on rear - CODDS PATENT 4 LONDON SE B.RYLANDS BOTTLE WORKS NEAR BARNSLEY Dates to BEFORE 1877 !!15 or $25

11.6oz narrow neck codd embossed T W LAWSON ROCHDALE ROAD MANCHESTER on front with MOON & STAR pictorial plus on rear CODDS PATENT 4 MAKERS RYLANDS & CODD BARNSLEY (dates to 1877-1881) 15 or $25

12.6oz narrow neck codd embossed Ph. MURAT & CO MANCHESTER plus on rear CODDS PATENT 6 SOLE AGENTS BARNETT & FOSTER LONDON N. These are rarer than the patent 4s ! 15 or $25

13.6oz patent codd embossed WALKER & HOMFRAY LIMITED SALFORD and on rear SHAWS PATENT 6875/07. This was a patent to help prevent breakages in the weak marble chamber note the glass reinforcing rings. 10 or $20

14.6oz fancy codd variant embossed SNOWDROP LYON & CO MANCHESTER. This codd has a fancy fluted base and two glass rings on the lip. Some slight grazing on the flutes but this 6oz is much rarer than the standard size. 10 or $20


Some manufacturers produced their own individually sized codds which were not exactly patents. Hence we have "dumpy" codds, "jumbo" codds, even "giant" codds. All are illustrated below. Other codds were slight variations of the standard types or downright imitations of patented bottles !Here are some we have for sale ;

1. GIANT aqua codd - R. Whites Jumbo (well known London firm) tallest/ biggest UK codd 35 / $60

2.DUMPY aqua codd - P H Murat Manchester 25 / $40

3. DUMPY aqua bullet stopper or Lamont patent, rarer than the codd ! P H Murat Manchester 15 / $25

DUMPY aqua codd embossed P H Murat Manchester and on the back CODDS PATENT 6. A very early narrow -neck codd. Does have a very slight bruise in the top of the lip but is so rare, only a few known 165 or $275


Here we have quite literally a good selecton of  "ODDBALL" mineral bottles for you !!

1.Full size stick stopper patent embossed BARRET & Co MANCHESTER & LONDON on the rear ADAM & BARRETTS PATENT JERSEY. Carries a pictorial of a bottle and a stopper. This patent was registered in the 1860s !! Price 25 or $40

2.Another stick stopper patent BARRETT & CO MANCHESTER rear is embossed BARRETT & ELLERS PATENT LONDON. Another amazing mineral patent from the 1860s Price 20 or $35(small ding on the base of the bottle)

3. EARLY 1870S GLASS BOBBIN STOPPER embossed MANCHESTER COFFEE TAVERN CO. An unusual mineral one small cloudy patch -15 or $25

4. REGISTERED DESIGN BULLET STOPPER Here is a fancy aqua bullet stopper embossed ROSEWOOD CHAMPAGNE REG NO 174529 J A HOMER BOOTLE. Special glass embossing top and bottom 10 or $20

5. VALLETS PATENT BULLET STOPPER mineral. Embossed on the front P H CORT MANCHESTER and on rear VALLETTS PATENT LIVERPOOL . Excellent condition 10 or $20

6. Small aqua GLASS BULLET STOPPER mineral. Embossed HANSARDS GENUINE AERATED WATERS MERTHYR with HANSARDS again in big letters down the bottle. Very unusual to see a bullet shape stopper made from glass. 10 or $20

As well as a whole host of differently shaped codd bottles, the mineral water trade was also awash with a multitude of different types of other bottles. Many had strange internal devices or stoppers to prevent the gas from escaping from the bottle. We will bring you some more pictures and probably place them in our A-Z reference area. 

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