Please note all prices include postage unless otherwise stated

1. J.T.Beukers, Schiedam. Very large pig snout gin has a 3 embossed on the base. Note the embossing is the same on two faces of the bottle. Price $50 (Does not include postage) Sorry now sold

2. V.Marken & Co. Standard size gin with unusual typeface lettering $35

3. P.Loopuyt, Distillers, Schiedam. Three lines of embossing on this gin. $30

4.. Blackglass freeblown cylinder - just about mint mint as found in the cellars of a Scottish Mansion. $65

5. Tapering conical blackglass TRUFFLE JAR - believed top be of French origin but is DARK blackglass. $30

6. Zara Seal bottle - large size bottle in attractive turquoise aqua colour. Has a rolled and annealed lip and the seal reads F.Drioli Zara and has a double headed eagle/vulture trade mark in the centre.$50 (This bottle contained a type of liquer from the Balkan region of Europe )

Note all embossing is shown in bold text.

Prices do include air-mail postage with the exception of item 1 which is large and heavy. Simply reserve any bottle which interests you by sending us an e-mail. You can do this from the hot e-mail link below or use our index page. More gins, seals and blackglass coming soon  - nothing for your here, then tell us about your wants !!

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