Fruit Jar collectors from the USA and Canada may well be amazed to hear that there are very few different types of fruit jar from Europe and the UK in particular. Those that do exist are therefore quite rare. Note that UK jars do not fit neatly into pint and quart categories. I have checked and our "large" jars are NOT quarts as they take about a pint and one third of liquid. The makers classed them by weight so our large jars are often embossed 2lb and the small/half size jars are 1lb. Just to confuse matters we do have a few 3lb jars too !As the jars are quite heavy, the prices below DO NOT include postage. If any jar interests you please e-mail us quickly using the hot e-mail link provided below. We can then reserve the jar for you and get it packaged up so you will have just one bill. We can also offer a choice of airmail or cheaper sea-mail. So have a look at the jars and act quickly if you would like any - they will all be hard to replace !

Please note. I have provided a full listing of known UK fruit jars below so collectors know what might occasionally turn up


1. The IDEAL jar . Has a monogram script trademark. Carries original screw top which has become cross-threaded. This is a very rare aqua UK embossed fruit jar $50(postage extra)

2. THE KILNER JAR. This large (2lb)aqua jar is probably the UK's most common jar but most come in clearglass not aqua. $35(postage extra)

3. The HOME jar. A half size (1lb) clearglass jar and a considerable rarity - I have never had this jar before. Any half size collectors out there ?? $30(postage extra)

4. THE KILNER JAR IMPROVED REGD. This is a strange 3lb capacity jar in clearglass, slightly larger than the standard "large" size.Original metal closure and glass lid $25 postage extra

5. THE FORSTER JAR . Clearglass large jar or 2lb size. Carries original glass and metal screw top closure. The UK's second most common type of jar $25 postage extra

6. THE FORSTER (ATLAS TYPE JAR). Clearglass jar in large or 2lb size. Somewhat rarer than the above. Original metal screw top and glass lid $25 postage extra 

We will update this page with more fruit jars as we come across them. In the meantime reserve anything which interests you and if you want any particular continental or UK jars please let us know.


The KILNER Jar. Two or three known varities. Comes in aqua and clearglass. UK's commonest jar

The FORSTER Jar. Again, several varieties. Also known in aqua and clearglass. Second most common UK jar -ALL others are very rare

IDEAL Probably the UK's best fruit jar, monogram trade mark and only known in aqua

HOME preserving Jar. Very rare jar known only in half size and in clearglass. Seen only one in 20 years.

HOMEBIZ Jar. Similar to above, half size, clearglass and have only ever had one

RYLANDS CLIMAX HOUSEHOLD Jar. Very rare jar in clearglass - never seen this one myself.

All the above are "TRUE" Fruit jars though note that in the UK they are refered to as PRESERVING JARS (for preserving fruit & Veg !!) They all have Mason-like metal screw on lids, often with a glass top

There are some jars which do not have this type of closure. They include the LIPTONS jar, The ROBERTSONS jar and few more.There is also the STEPHENS jam jar which some people think may be a fruit jar too. They were closed with a cardboard lid or similar.If you have or know of any other UK fruit jars I would like to hear from you.

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