1.20cm tall aqua widemouth pickle jar embossed P VENCATACHELLUM MADRAS REGISTERED TRADE MARK. Carries a glorious pictorial of a PEACOCK displaying its outstretched tail feathers. A great pictorial food item, good condition, no damage. Glass is very slightly dull esp on the back but not sick. Very rare - $50

2. 19.5cm tall aqua widemouth pickle jar embossed HOLBROOK & Co TRADE MARK. This jar carries a simply superb pictorial of SAINT GEORGE ON HORSEBACK SLAYING A DRAGON. Superb near mint condition too ! $75

3.28cm tall heavy aqua widemouth chutney bottle embossed THE ORIGINAL SHIP BRAND CHUTNEY MP & SONS RGD NO 175813. Also carries a fantastic pictorial of a sailing cum steamship with 3 masts and 1 funnel embossed right across the bottle. Another great pictorial food bottle in really good condition - $55

4.26.5cm tall heavy aqua vinegar bottle embossed MIDLAND VINEGAR COMPANY embossed in a buckle device plus MIDLAND VINEGAR again but in much bigger script writing alla round the bottle. Also carries a good pictorial of a WHEATSHEAF. Another rare food bottle in good condition. This is an early item and pictorial vinegars are rare $40

5.26.5cm tall aqua relish bottle embossed ALLY SLOPERS FAVOURITE RELISH. Also has a big pictorial of cartoon character (who WAS called Ally Sloper) who has a big bulbous nose and is holding up a bottle of relish in one hand. Dates to early 1900s. Another good food bottle $45

6.26cm tall ICE BLUE sauce bottle embossed KYTE SAUCE. This bottle is long and slender and only $25 for a COLORED SAUCE !!

7.20cm tall fancy aqua vinegar bottle embossed FARDONS PURE MALT VINEGAR bottle has no less than a total of 16 panels and is only $20

8.20.5cm tall LIGHT TURQUOISE sauce bottle embossed DADDIES FAVOURITE SAUCE -. This is a burst lip or shearlip type and has a naturally made rough edge to the lip. Only $25 for a RARE COLOR SAUCE

9.20.5 cm tall aqua burstlip or shearlip sauce embossed FLETCHERS INDIAN SUACE SHIPLEY YORKS Would suit both FOOD bottle and INDIAN bottle collectors only $25

All bottles have been fully described and the condition has been indicated all are in merchantable condition. The price includes air mail postage to the USA & Canada. If interested in any item please e-mail in your order on the hot e-mail link below. We will then check stock and e-mail you with payment information. Looking for food bottles that are not here ? Please let us know we act on wants lists.

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