The following is a guide to the UK bottle shows of 2000. Please do get in touch with the organisers to verify dates, times and locations, especially if making long journeys !! There are very few true "bottle" shows anymore but some have more bottle stalls than others.Please be wary of those who HYPE up their events, making out they are so much bigger than they really are - to get you to attend of course. Please do support the club run shows and those put on for the true benefit of the hobby in the UK - and that sadly EXCLUDES the so-called "UK National Show".

March 19th Alton

The Community Centre Alton 10.30am-3.30pm. Contact 01420 88773

April 24th Cirencester

Bingham Hall, King Street, Cirencester .11.00 - 4.00am Contact 01285 652142

April 11th Shrewsbury

Springfield Memorial Hall, Sutton Way, Shrewsbury 10.30am-3.30pm Contact 01743 351518

May 6th Perth

The Institute, Bridge of Earn near Perth 9.00-4.00pm Contact 01738 812828

May 14th Brockenhurst

No details sent in

May 29th Hemel Hempstead

The Market Place 8.30am-4.00pm Tel 01923 461690

June 3rd Bowburn

Bowburn Community Centre 11am-3.30pm. Contact 0191 236 6736

June 25th Milton Keynes - 2nd TIPPLEFAIR for all collectors of drinks related items


August 26th Norwich

St. Andrews Hall 10.30- -3.00pm. Contact 01603 783184

August 27th Taunton

Taunton Livestock Market Hall. Contact 01297 -35397

September 9th Tunbridge

No details sent in

September 30th Perth

The Institute, Bridge of Earn near Perth. Tel 01738 812828

November 19th Alton

The Community Centre Alton 10.30am - 3.30pm. Contact ????????????

November ??th Kidlington

Exeter Hall, Kidlington 9.00am-4.00pm . Contact 01993- 898388

There are a few other UK shows but as the organisers have sent us no details we are unable to bring you the relevant information.If you want information on any event HERE please send us an e-mail so we can help you.


I would like to point out that there is no such thing as a "UK National Show" though there is an event which masquerades under this title, run by an individual making his living out of buying and selling bottles !! (Possible conflict of interests here ??) He advertises it as the "Largest event of its type in Europe" but it is no such thing. One North American collector visited this event once - and WILL NOT be going back to an event thatHE described as a "Glorified Yard Sale / Car Boot" with "Nothing but junk bottles for sale". If you want to read some more about this dreadful event, I have provided a page of news and views about this monstrosity with quotes from collectors who HAVE attended - and most certainly will not be going back - EVER !!By all accounts the 1999 event was the worst in living memory and even the show organiser is finally seeing some light and "threatening" to make July 2000 the "last event of its type in Europe". Well this individual could threaten for England but let us hope for once he is a man of his word and skulks off back to his auction room to count his money after July 2000 - and gives the UK National BACK to the UK collectors. Mind, I wont be holding my breath !!!

Tell me more, do !


January 31st Toronto, Ontario

Your show not here ? TELL us about it ! We WILL advertise just about ANY show ANYWHERE in the world but you have to tell us about it first !!