Note these are all short and squat little mineral bottles, most of which have big blob top lips. They come in two main sizes, of which the smallest is always the rarest. They nearly all contained copies of mineral waters – mostly seltzer water, though you will find some other soda drinks mentioned in the listing below.

1.Idris London. This is a Welsh seltzer and is the small body size in a deep emerald green $30

2.Moorhouse Hulme. Small body size again an unusual light green color $30

3.The Newcastle Breweries Ltd. Large body size. Nice mid amber color $35

4.The Newcastle Breweries Ltd Small body size other wise as above $35

5.Kinmond & Co Late Daily & Co Leamington. Rare elongated in big body size and nice mid emerald (note no damage, swirl in glass in picture caused by light) $35

6.Royal German Spa. Great mid emerald colour in this standard sized seltzer bottle $35

7.Schweppes – just one word on these deep emerald green seltzer which is the standard body size $35

8.Wm.Thompson Aberdeen. Great pictorial of two egg torpedos and a dimpled patent codd. Also unusual in that it has an internal screw neck. Dark green, large body size. Does have a chip in glass under the base but very rare seltzer $40

9.Exors of R Urmston Leigh with RU Monogram tm. Nice mid emerald green on this large body size seltzer $35

10.Barrett Ashton Under Lyne. Details also inside a diamond trade mark. Dark green color on this standard body sized bottle $35

11.Hitchcock & Co Chymists Oxford. Nice emerald green and note early spelling of Chemists. Some slight cloudy patches on this standard sized bottle $35

12.Jewsbury & Brown inside Star of David tm. Nice deep amber color on this standard sized bottle $35

13.John Henry Lees Old Trafford Quinine Tonic. Nice large anchor trade mark, great deep honey amber color on this standard sized bottle. Note bottle contents. Does have a few chips on the base and few cloudy patches but oh so rare $40

14.Catley Abbey Natural Seltzer. Has a detailed pictorial of an abbey. Nice mid amber on this standard sized bottle. Lip has been worked on so only $35

15. R Fenwick & Co Sunderland. Beautiful golden brown on this standard sized bottle with internal screw neck $35

16.Groves & Whitnall Ltd Salford. Deep Honey Amber, small body size $35

17. Groves & Whitnall Ltd Salford Large Globe trade mark which resembles a Sheriff’s badge. Small cloudy patches on this light amber bottle in small body size $35

Note all prices are in US $ and DO include airmail postage to the US and Canada. We can also provide prices in other currencies. Want any bottle from this list – just e-mail your order from the hot link below. We will need to check it is still in stock and will then get back to you with payment details