All prices include postage via air mail. All bottles are in good to excellent condition - no chips, cracks, stain or sickness unless otherwise noted - but e-mail us if you want more information. This page last updated 26th August 1998 when new stock was added - 21 ALL NEW bottles in total

1. 12.5cm tall Healds Liver Cure Nice shade of mid to deep brown, square section. A very rare UK colored cure, one we see very rarely and just $55

2. 12cm tall "Alicsalutice" Regd The Cure For All Rheumatic Pains. Very unsuual shade of light to mid brown, rectangular section. Has some small internal stain but no other problems. Another exceedingly scarce UK colored cure for only $55

3. B W Hair & Sons Asthma Cure London. Mid shade of brown or amber $25

4. Palmacora, Skinetolin - A rare cobalt blue bottle that contained a medicine or cream for the skin $35

4a. Key's Manu Mollient For the Skin Beautiful emerald green "skin" bottle in rectangular section. Very few embossed medicine bottles in this great color and just $20

5. Roes Cough Cure A very rare and unusual heavy glass cough cure - rectangular section and comes in a nice shade of ice blue. Hard to get $30

6. 12.5cm tall Ridakoff Cures Coughs Not a common aqua cure and only $20

7. 12cm tall "Carramor" The Great Cough Cure J Greenhill, Dundee Extremely scarce Scottish Cure Bottle, rectangular section, in a shade of turquoise/ice blue glass. $30

8.11.5cm tall Barrett's Mandrake Embrocation Comical pictorial medicine with embossed picture of a Ducks' body with a man's head ! Oval section in aqua.Slight bruising in the glass on letter T of Embrocation $30

9. Bennetts Hyssop Cure Stockport. Aqua Cure $20 (not illustrated)

10. Venos Lightning Cough Cure $15 aqua bottle (not illustrated)

11. The Cherokee Kidney & Liver Cure. Rectangular section aqua cure cum Indian bottle. Not a strong strike but no damage on this rare English Cure $50

12. Jackson's Antizyme or Fever Cure Bawtry. Attractive little rectangular section cure in nice shade of light or ice blue and only $20 !

13. Wood's Great Peppermint Cure for Coughs & Colds". Rectangular section aqua cure 19cm tall This is the much rarer large size $25

14. Woods Great Peppermint Cure for Coughs & Colds This is litlle brother, just 14cm tall and is priced at $20

15. Calverts Derby Cure for Influenza & Colds. Attractive aqua cure in oval section, a local rarity for $25

16. Liqufruta Cough Cure Aqua rectangular section. Note embossing is on side panels leaving main panels free for labels. Only $20

17. Veno's Lightning Cough Cure Strange color on this rectangular section cure which is ABM. Color is a light amber/yellow with odd swirls of darker coloration. A late cure but a colored one ! $25

18.Holden's Tommy Bottle Cures Sprains Sore Throat Rheumatism etc A Holden Staircross Near Barnsley One of a very small and rare grouping - pictorial UK cures. Has a picture of a hen sitting on eggs embossed. Rectangular section in ice blue. Small size at 10.5cm. In very good condition except a tiny hole in one corner at the base has been filled in, otherwise excellent. How many more of these will turn up now ? $40

19. Holden's Tommy Bottle. Cures Sprains Bruises Rheumatism Sore THroat & Sciatica Larger size at 14cm but different bottle - different embossing and no embossing on one main panel. Embossed hen on eggs pictorial. Sadly some damage to the top of the lip though this could be ground down. Another great rarity in UK pictorial cures at $40

20. Dr. Kilmers Swamp Root Kidney Liver and Bladder Cure. London EG> This is an aqua rectangular Kilmer cure and IS the UK bottle as evidenced by the LONDON EG .18cm tall and only $25

21. Dr. Kilmers Swamp Root Kidney Liver and Bladder Cure London EG This is little brother at 14.5cm tall and only $20

22. Sample Bottle Dr. Kilmers Swamp Root Kidney Liver and Bladder Cure London EG. Cute little aqua sample bottle. Only 7.5cm tall and only $15 to buy !!

23. Dr. Kilmers Swamp Root Kidney Liver And Bladder Cure The Great Specific. Dr. Kilmer & Co and London E.G embossed on the side panels Dr. KIlmer main writing enclosed within a kidney shape on the front of the bottle.21cm tall and this is the UK variant, evidenced by LONDON EG embossing. Aqua glass and only $75. We just don't see these for sale in the UK anymore

24. Old Dr.Jacob Townsends Sarsaparilla London The Blood Purifier Large square section aqua sarsaparilla. Again this is the UK version and is a big bottle at 24cm. $65

25.Dr Lalors Phosphodyne London England Price 4/6. Attractive ice/turquoise blue medicine in rectangular section and measures 16.5cm tall 4/6 was an enormous price for medicine when even 1 shilling a bottle put it well out of the reach of the working classes. $20 (not illustrated)

26. Roches Embrocation for the Hooping Cough Early looking clearglass or flintglass medicine in square section with chamfered off corners. Excellent clean condition 12cm tall(note the mis-spelling) $15 (not illustrated)

27. Congreve's Celebrated Balsamic Elixir for Coughs, Hooping Cough & Asthma A tiny clearglass medicine only 7.5cm tall which looks really, really old. Nice rippled glass. A nice little one ! $15 (not illustrated)

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