Welcome to another great part of the Bottles & Bygones Website - and a very colorful area it is too. Feast your eyes on these beautiful and colorful old labels. They could even be yours too because they have been made available for sale. If you don't want to buy them , still feel free to browse around this page. It will grow and grow as we add more labels.


1. Guinness - 4 Different 1950's Irish Guinness labels. Yes they ARE real and come from different bottlers in the Republic of Ireland. As you can see there are 3 different designs. Bottlers include Lynac Ltd Letterkenny, Michael Cassidy Ballyshannon, Jerh Coggin Kanturk Co Cork - Price just $5 0r 3.50 for 4   

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2..Beautiful  old beer labels once used by a North Yorkshire, England Bottler.They comprise - W.C Land & Cos Scarborough - Celebrated Cliff Brown Dinner Ale, Light Dinner Ale and Oatmeal Stout. The company also bottled Guinness & Watney's Pale  labels. All of these for just $10 

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3. Welsh beer / lager labels - Wrexhams Pilsener Lager Beer, John Fox Special Castle Brewery Ewloe, Wrexham's Dk. Lager Beer. A rare grouping as lager was not popular in the UK until the 1970's ( I know because I was a lager lout !) Price $5

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4 Different  INDE COOPE / ALLSOPPS multicolored beer labels - Light Bitter Ale, Sparkling Ale, Nut Brown and "John Bull". I would estimate these date to the 1930's - 40's. Price $5

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5.Group of 8 MIXED OLD ENGLISH beer labels - Dark Ale, Strong Ale and Guinness from J Fryer and Sons Cleveland Brewery, Brown Ale and Double Brown Stout from William Younger, Trumans Milk Stout, Barclays Stout and Raggetts Nourishing Stout (Queen Victoria pictorial) Dates from 1900 - 1959 - ALL 8 for just $10

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.6 ANCIENT PRE 1911 beer label - FARRIMONDS OATMEAL STOUT NEWTOWN BREWERY WIGAN. Just about the OLDEST GENUINE beer label you will ever be able to buy and only $2 each- VERY limited stocks



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Just look at these old beauties. Hard to believe they were simply stuck on a bottle to advertise a particular drink. Some of the drinks are now consigned to the history books - Ciderette, Winter Stout, Cherry Cider, Aerated Chocolate ? Some survive to this present day including Lemonade, Iron Brew and Ginger Beer. Where have these labels come from ? Nearly all have been rescued from old mineral water works or factories, lucky survivors of a Bygone Age. For that reason most are in excellent condition. They look great framed up, or stuck back on the bottles. We have even seen these labels turned into very colourful wrapping paper.

English Pack 1 - contains TANGERINE, PERRY CHAMPAGNE, ICE CREAM STRAWBERRY, SPARKLING LIME, KOLA CHAMPAGNE, STONE GINGER BEER, IRON BREW, CHERRY CIDER, LEMON CRUSH, WINTER STOUT & DANDY SHANDY -(All labels from Duckworths, Manchester) Price just $5 or 3.50 sterling (includes all postage charges)

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English Pack 2 - contains BLACKCURRANT CORDIAL, DANDELION & BURDOCK STOUT, RASPBERRY CRUSH, CHAMPAGNE CIDERETTE, CREAMA SODA AMERICANA (Spanish for American Cream Soda!), NON ALCOHOLIC DANDY SHANDY, GINGER ALE, HOP ALE, SARSAPARILLA & LEMON CORDIAL (All labels from Duckworths, Manchester) Price just $5 or 3.50 sterling (includes all postage charges

ORDER NO. 0300102

English Pack 3 - contains ICE CREAM RASPBERRY, HOP BITTERS, PINEAPPLE CIDER, BANANA CRUSH, FRUIT VINO, CLARET LEMONADE, LEMON SQUASH, PICK-ME-UP, AERATED CHOCOLATE & APPLE CIDERETTE (All labels from Duckworths, Manchester) Price just $5 or 3.50 sterling (includes all postal charges)


ORDER NO. 0300103

BUMPER BARGAIN ENGLISH SELECTION - 25 labels. NONE of these are Duckworth labels - some are from named mineral water companies such as Muters of Bedlington, Hagues of Rotherham (YES William Hagues family business!) Firths of Darlington plus more. Other labels are anonymous ie they just have the name of the drink. You will get 25 for just $10 - and will include MOST but not necessarily all you see here

ORDER NO. 0400104

Irish Pack 1 - contains DRY GINGER ALE, LIME JUICE & SODA, GINGER BEER (two sorts) LEMON SQUASH, GINGER CRUSH, LEMON SODA, LIME CRUSH,GINGER ALE & SPARKLING SPECIAL ( Labels from Madden's of Londonderry or Derry & Donegal) Price just $5 or 3.50 sterling (includes all postal charges)

ORDER NO. 0300105

Irish Pack 2 - contains GINGER BEER, CHAMPAGNE CYDER, GINGER STOUT, LEMON SQUASH, LEMONADE, LIME JUICE & SODA, SODA WATER - all from City Bottling Coy, Derry plus MESSINA ORANGE, LEMON SODA & LEMONADE from Foley & Co, Sligo Price just $5 or 3.50 sterling (includes all postal charges)

ORDER NO. 0300106

Scottish Pack 1 - contains IRON BREW, RASPBERRY, GINGER ALE, SODA WATER, KOLA CHAMPAGNE, AMERICAN CREAM SODA,APPLEADE, GINGER STOUT, CHERRY CIDERETTE & CIDERETTE. Price just $5 or 3.50 sterling (price includes all postage charges)



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Welsh Pack - quite likely our BEST soda / mineral selection and includes MOST but necessarily all seen here. Includes TWO stunning pictorials - QUAKER PEP from Howell Davies of Abercynon - look at that Welsh miner with flat cap and the pit heap in the background plus RINKO from Thomas and Evans of Porth, showing Edwardian boys at a skating rink . Have very few of these Welsh labels left - price is $10 / 7.50 here (includes all postal charges)

ORDER NO. 0300108


SELTZER / SODA WATER / SIPHON LABELS - another rare grouping - these are labels which would have been applied to seltzers (us term) or soda siphons (uk term) Note the different types - not just soda water but POTASS water and Lithia water. Most are from JOB WRAGG of Birmingham and are 1920-1930. However at the top is a positively ancient Sparkling Lithia Water from Firths of Darlington. All you see here for $5 / 3.50

ORDER NO. 0300109

RED ROOT of JAMAICA SARSAPARILLA Manufactured by Crystal Cordial Co Sale. Superb old Sarsaparilla label featuring 2 North American Indians holding bows with a teepee in the background. A black on white label. SUPERB !! $3 each or 4 for $10


ORDER NO. 03001010

RARE APPLE CIDER  LABELS - made from apples, CIDER was and is a popular drink - but it is really an alcoholic rink. Few old cider labels have survived but here is a rare grouping from Somerset dating from 1920--1950 - all here for just $5 

ORDER NO. 03001011


OLD JUDGE DOURO PORT, HOLT & MILLERAND, THE ULSTER WINE Co.Ltd BELFAST Highly colourful old label which is also heavily embossed - the border designs have been punched out to give a raised/ 3D effect. Lots of gold on this label. Price $3 each or 4 for $10. Minimum order $10 (6 labels) HURRY limited stocks !

ORDER NO. 0400101

BUSHRANGER AUSTRALIAN WINE - Direct from Australias Finest Vineyards - Kooringa Vineries - S. Australia. Superb old wine label showing an Australian Bushranger holding up a glass of wine . Great colours too - mostly blue with gold edging. $3 each of 4 for $10 - Limited stocks!!

ORDER NO. 0400102


FINE OLD JAMAICA RUM - Delightful multicoloured Rum label again with lots of gold in the design. Features a "Jolly Jack Tar (sailor) with masted sailing ship, anchor, barrel and cannon in background. Price $3 each, 4 for  $10 .


ORDER NO. 0500101





WHISKY LABELS 1- We present a slection of genuine old whisky labels of which we have only a very small number. They are all Scottish and date to around the turn of the century. The price is only $2.50 each which includes postage. Minimum order is $10 worth BUT please do not order more than 10 of any type because we have so few of them. We have more whisky labels to come soon.

ORDER NO. 0500102

WHISKY  LABELS 2 - Magnificent wild moorland scenery on these early 1900 labels from J B Smith and Son Perth. Note there are TWO labels here and in the middle is a TRADE CARD - presumably for merchants to write in further orders. Have JUST 10 sets of these - price is $10

ORDER NO. 0500103

Chemist labels

CHEMIST LABELS 1 - early 1900's labels from HEUGHAN CHEMISTS DEWSBURY (Yorkshire England. Note this group of 10 includes labels for Cough Linctus, Neuralgia Mixture, Mustard Oil, Pynozone, Medicinal Alum and Cascara. Two labels advertise CURES and included is an A5 size advertising sheet for HEUGHANS FEVER CURE - note the bottle above ! 10 genuine and really old chemist/ druggist labels for  just $5 - very limited stocks

ORDER NO. 0600101



JAM LABELS - Absolutely beautiful old jam labels from the Orkneys (islands off the coast of Scotland) We have a variety of different jams, not just the one featured here but they are in very short supply. Please do not ask for particular jam labels - its a case of us supplying what we can. Price $5 for 2, minimum order $10 (4 labels)

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